Genomics for Medical Professionals

In 2018, Genomics Into Medicine members delivered a plenary session and a genomics workshop in each of the General Practice Continuing Medical Education (GPCME) events in Rotorua (June) and Christchurch (August).

If you attended either of these meetings, your registration will allow you to download material from these sessions/workshops here (LINK).

In March 2019, Genomics Into Medicine contributed to a genomics plenary session followed by a 5-speaker workshop/discussion in the Goodfellow Symposium for general practitioners.

If you attended this symposium, your registration will allow you to download material here (LINK).

The following links may be of use of medical professionals involved in clinical genomics:
• UK Genomics Education Programme:
• RCGP short webinars:
• Genetic Testing Registry :
• Twitter Genomics Education:
• Simplified standards to use when discussing gene variants:
• Locus Reference Genomic (find the right gene or transcript identifier or make conversions):
• ClinVar (the go-to database of genetic variants):
• LOVD (Leiden Open-source Variation Database):
• Genomizer (A quick variant search tool – an initial one stop shop):
• Mutalyzer (Excellent conversion and checking tool):
• Decipher (examine a variant in the context of clinical data):
• Align-GVGD (predict effects of missense substitutions by extending the original Grantham score methods):
• Cancer Genome Interpreter (excellent online tool to interpret cancer genomic changes):
• wANNOVAR (excellent online tool to interpret constitutional genomic changes):
• OncoKB (Frequently updated searchable database of cancer gene variant treatment implications):