Genomics Education Resources

Demand for genomic analysis is rapidly expanding in both human research and clinical medicine worldwide, and technical capabilities continue to increase and costs fall. Even conservative estimates place the projected international growth of NGS analysis, including clinical genomics, as faster than exponential. The growing importance of NGS to patients, and the challenges involved in clinical genomics, has motivated Genomics Into Medicine’s efforts to establish a clinical genomics educational hub at the University of Auckland/AAHA.

These educational activities involve provision of clinician internships and tailored educational programs for researchers, genetic counsellors and clinicians, as well as increased undergraduate and postgraduate clinical genomics teaching. In addition, school outreach efforts are being tailored to enthuse younger students (Years 7-10; ages 12-15) about molecular and cellular biology and the genome, hopefully prompting some to consider professions in science and health care and help meet future needs for a workforce, and public at large, with an understanding of genomics.

The links below provide access to information/resources that might be useful for health care professionals and for school teachers.